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1 BR 35/12 C Bp

Kärcher Canada

BR 35/12 C Bp

Walk-Behind Battery Scrubber

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Manoeuvrable, user-friendly and easy-to-maintain, the BR 35/12 C walk-behind floor scrubber is a highly professional and efficient tool for cleaning small areas and cluttered surfaces. The machine is fitted with a rotatable roller brush head with KART technology (Ka╠łrcher Advanced Response Technology), making it perfect for tight corners, it also cleans in reverse if necessary. The new lithium-ion battery has a prolonged running time, making it 3 times more durable than normal lead batteries, it is completely maintenance-free and quick to recharge. The BR 35/12 C’s lightweight design makes it easy to transport and to negotiate stairs within your facilities. The eco!efficiency mode reduces energy consumption, increases the running time and the noise level is lowered by approximately 40% making it perfect for operation in noise sensitive areas like hospitals or nursing homes.

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