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1 BR 30/40 C

Kärcher Canada

BR 30/40 C

Upright Automatic Floor Scrubber

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Throw out your old mop and bucket! This compact automatic floor scrubber will leave your floors, clean, sanitary, dry and dazzling in far less time than the old-fashioned “pushing dirty water around” way. A perfect remedy for smaller areas where a full sized automatic scrubber cannot be utilized for reasons of physical size and cost. Kitchens, locker rooms, washrooms, restaurants, stores and offices, the possibilities are endless with a BR 30/4 C. Simply fill the machine with clean solution, plug into any standard 120V wall outlet, turn on the switch and start scrubbing. A powerful roller brush aggressively scrubs the surface, dirty water is recovered by the squeegee tool and deposited into a lift-out tank for easy disposal down any sink, toilet or drain. Ask your Ka╠łrcher Dealer for a demonstration.

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