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1 KM 90/60 R Bp

Kärcher Canada

KM 90/60 R Bp

Ride On Sweeper

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The new improved KM 90/60 R Bp Adv Ride On Sweeper offers an automatic filter cleaning system (TACT - Triggered Air draft Cleaning Technology) to reduce service intervals and simplify the use of the sweeper. It features large tank capacity, driving comfort, agility and high sweeping performance. It is an economical and fast cleaning sweeper. This sweeper provides unique features such us effective dust control and EASY-Operation display, ergonomic set up with seat adjustments, implemented Homebase, automatic choke, smooth motion steering and practical disposal of dirt from 2 containers with 7.9 gallons capacity each. This machine is maintenance and service friendly with easy change of main roller brush without tools.

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