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Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my floor have poor gloss?

Not enough finish on floor
✓ Scrub and rinse floor, apply finish

Not enough time between coats
✓ Wait 30-40 minutes between coats

Coats are too thin
✓ Never fully wring finish mop

Old, damaged or overly porous floor
✓ Apply sealer first, then floor finish

✓ Use appropriate or recommended cleaners according to directions

Dirt and Sand
✓ Use entrance mats, dust mop often
Improper rinsing before recoating

✓ After stripping, use two flood rinses
Buffing pads are too aggressive

✓ Use proper pads for various jobs
Floor temperature below 55°F

✓ On cold days, check floor temperature before applying finish

Fans directly on finish while drying
✓ Point fans upward, away from floor

Why is my wax streaking?

Recoating too soon
✓ Give at least 20-30 min. between coats; stop if there is mop drag

Contamination on the floor/furniture polish, mop treatment, etc.
✓ Remove source of contamination; strip, rinse, and recoat

Dirty mops/unclean equipment
✓ Use only clean mops and buckets for floor finish/use can liner inside bucket

Finish exposed to extreme temperature
✓ Do not apply finish that's been frozen

Coats are too thin
✓ Apply medium to full coats of finish

Why is my wax discoloring?

Coating over dirt
✓ Always clean floor before recoating

Poor daily cleaning/buffing over dirt
✓ Clean floor daily/ Always clean floor before bussing/Use walk off mats

Applying finish with new cotton mop
✓ Soak and clean new mops before use

Quat disinfectant residues
✓ Scrub or mop wash floor once a week with an all-purpose cleaner

Colored floor pads
✓ Use natural, white, or tan pads for buffing